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Company SURFACE SOLUTIONS s.r.o. is an expert in zeolite-based products for water filtration in various applications. We specialize in filter materials for swimming pools, drinking water, process water, waste water, hot water and coolers for use (POU). We operate throughout Europe and beyond.

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Using ZeoPure

What is ZeoPure

ZeoPure® is a registered trademark for a comprehensive range of advanced filtering materials based on Australian zeolite, which is several times more efficient than traditional filter media of sand, glass and diatomaceous earth. ZeoPure® is a highly pure and high quality natural clinoptilolite zeolite that is mined in Australia and modified in the Czech Republic.

This type of zeolite has an exceptional hardness of about 7 Mohs hardness scale (as well as quartz sand) compared to the European Zeolite, which has a hardness of only 3 Mohs and is therefore not suitable for fast filters such as pool filtration. ZeoPure® also has a very different structure from standard European zeolites. The European zeolite has a very porous and coarse surface structure which, while initially retaining a large amount of impurities, does not completely remove these impurities in the backwashing process. The smooth structural surface of ZeoPure® increases the filtration surface several times and thus the efficiency. This type of zeolite originated about 300 million years ago and it is precisely the age together with the unique formation of the formation is a key factor in the exceptional hardness and porosity. ZeoPure® has a huge active BET area (1 kg = 2.5 football field), so its area is about 100 times larger than sand and 200 times larger than glass.

ZeoPure® has the following specific filtering functions:
– mechanical filtration
– microfiltration
– ion exchange
– antibacterial

All these properties make this filter medium the most suitable for a variety of applications to achieve the highest filtration quality with the highest efficiency and also brings economic benefits for swimming pool and spa applications. Using ZeoPure® significantly reduces the cost of chemical dosing, water consumption, energy and time for backwashing the filter media.

ZeoPure® in all modifications is tested at the National Institute of Public Health, Prague, Czech Republic.


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